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The Internet is a fantastic place to explore and discover. But you have to be wise to its ways; there are many bad sites and places on the web. Children should be allowed to view the web only with the supervision of adults. The problem is that this isn’t always possible. There are  tools help parents with the fight to protect children from harm. I would recommend K9  as being the best you can also use  Weblock and Free Shield Toolbar , all products are FREE please click on the link for information on them. They will not protect 100% but can assist you.

Its always wise to use anti-virus software these days a good and free product is AVG free if you are an individual.You can us avast both are free and excellent !

Ad-aware and Spybot search & destroy are useful to remove any spyware you may have. Both products are free.

Both anti-virus and spayware removing software need to be updated frequently.

A personal firewall is a must Zonealarm is free (limited version) but better than nothing

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