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A little about me!

I  had a very usual childhood brought up by my parents in the Church in Wales faith.

Following my marriage to a Roman Catholic wife, I converted to the catholic faith. A lot later in my life, I experienced torments in my mind over my faith (this was around the time of the death of a very close loved one)

Both spiritually and physically things were getting worse and I was feeling pretty rotten. When somehow (I cannot remember exactly) I read an article regarding Padre Pio, this set me on a path that has led me to find hope and happiness and new faith through this great saint.

One of the phrases he was famous for was ‘pray, hope and don’t worry’ easy to say but hard to do!!

I do hope that through the links I have provided on these pages you will find the peace that we all need but can only find through our saints and ultimately through Christ our lord.

Please feel free to mail me with any comment you may have.

My Email Address is

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